Earnings Calls: Easily listen to stocks’ financial calls

I’m happy to show off Earnings Calls, my new side project that launched earlier this month. Long story short, it’s an iPhone app (and web app) that makes it easy to listen to stocks’ quarterly earnings calls along with the ability to get notifications, create queues, search, etc.

iPhone App Screenshots

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On mobile or on the web
You’re covered whether you want to listen with your iPhone on-the-go, or at your computer on the web.

Listen live or on-demand
Listen to earnings calls live as they happen or on-demand at your convenience.

Create your queue
Create your own queue of calls to listen to later. Think of it like your Netflix Queue… except it can make you money.

Get call notifications
Follow the stocks you care about and get notified when they release a new call. New calls automatically get added to your queue.

View slides, bookmarks, & more
Follow along with the presentation slides and jump to the part of the call you care about most (like the Q&A session).


Many of you probably didn’t even know that I’m interested in the stock market. My history with stocks is short but also pretty long. Growing up, my dad was always invested in the stock market. I have fond memories of watching CNBC with him in the early 90’s. Seeing the stock ticker go by on the bottom of the TV and hearing the talking heads was part of the backdrop of my childhood.

That being said, it took a long time for me to find a real, personal interest in the stock market. It really wasn’t until about July of 2014 that I started making a concerted effort to educate myself and properly invest. Once I started down the path though, I got hooked quickly. There is such a trove of data/strategies/resources/possibilities. Always more to learn and always a new leaf to turn over.

Love him or hate him, Jim Cramer has had a major impact on my finance education. He always says that if you’re not listening/reading the company conference calls, then you aren’t doing your homework. So, how could it be that listening to earnings calls was so annoying? I needed to find each company’s Investor Relations website and then spend 45 minutes listening to their call on crappy computer speakers? I hated that and rarely did it. I wanted to listen to the calls during my commute to work, while walking the dog, and while grocery shopping just like I did with podcasts and most other media.

So, being somebody that loves to build websites/software, I set out to solve my problem.

I hope you find it useful, too. It’s as much for you as it is for me.

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