Earnings Calls: Easily listen to stocks’ financial calls

Earnings Calls logo

I’m happy to show off Earnings Calls, my new side project that launched earlier this month. Long story short, it’s an iPhone app (and web app) that makes it easy to listen to stocks’ quarterly earnings calls along with the ability to get notifications, create queues, search, etc. iPhone App Screenshots (click to enlarge) Features On mobile … [Read more…]

SeenDB is now Concert Archives

Hey everyone! I’m happy to tell you that SeenDB has been renamed to “Concert Archives” along with the new domain name: http://www.concertarchives.org! Don’t worry, everything else is still the same. The site still has the same clean interface and accounts still have all the concerts and photos that have been added. Personal links (for example: seendb.com/justin-thiele) still work as well. So, why … [Read more…]

How To Learn To Code

I’ve been meaning to write a post about my experience as “a business guy” learning to code for a long time. Today I rambled off 500 words about it in a comment on Switchboard so I thought I’d just repost it here. tl;dr The hardest part of learning to code is staying motivated. Don’t worry about … [Read more…]

SeenDB: More Likable Than Ever!

I was starting to find myself writing lame comments on concerts on SeenDB. Things like “Whoa, this sounds like an awesome show!”. Well, during my time on Jury Duty yesterday, I solved my ‘lame comment’ problem :) I created a new ‘Like’ button on SeenDB. You’ll notice the Like button all across the site, so you … [Read more…]

SeenDB now automatically adds setlists to your concerts

I’m happy to tell you that SeenDB now automatically adds setlists to your concerts! SeenDB  automatically checks each of your concerts for setlists from the show (thank you Setlist.fm!) and brings them right into your Concert History. You’ll notice a new icon in your concert listings that denote concerts with setlists: Here’s an example of what … [Read more…]