Announcing: Dictionary Domains – Unregistered Domains For Your Next Project

Being a person who loves to make things (primarily web things), I often find myself trying to name products and find domain names. Finding a fitting name is tough, and finding a domain name to match just sucks. Painful.

So I’m happy to show off a new project that I’ve built, Dictionary Domains:

Dictionary word domain names that are available

There’s some pretty great tools out there that help: I’m a big fan of Lean Domain Search, back in the day I used Bust A Name a ton, and Domainr it’s modern counter part.

But really, I’m a huge fan of simple {dictionary word}.{tld} domains. I’d happily compromise on the .com extension to get something clean and meaningful.

So, that’s the point of Dictionary Domains. To make it ridiculously easy to find simple verb/noun/adjective domains for your next project. Hopefully you find it helpful.

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  1. alain perisse

    i want to sell a dictionary domain name in the technology sector.
    I thing big companies may be interested, but I have to contact the CEO of each company to get an accurate answer.
    In the year 2000, I rejected an $150,000  offer from a Californian company.
    Now I do not know the valuation of the domain.
    My  idea: to get a broker to do this job. In exchange,  15% of the price goes to the broker.
    If you are interested, please come back to me.


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