BzzAgent: bleh.

15 minutes ago, I was apathetic toward BzzAgent, but it’s gone downhill since then. BzzAgent is a word of mouth marketing agency. You can sign up and possibly get samples of test products. Whatever. I never got much benefit out of it. They email you quite often about irrelevant things, so I decided I wanted to stop getting their emails. I figured that I might as well delete my account, since they are using my consumer preferences to do market research for companies. After having to do a Google site search to find the Cancel Account page, I was treated to this lovely 9 step wizard. You would think that a company that’s an “expert” in word of mouth marketing would know better. I understand that they want to find out why people are leaving, but asking me a series of questions (many of which are required) is not “relationship building”. It pisses people off and makes them post blogs about it (like this one). Word of mouth works both ways, pal. …and now I hate them.

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