How to Get Rid of Hiccups

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I get the hiccups really bad. Like, for multiple days on end, bad. I found the “spoonful of sugar” method on eHow about a year ago and found that it’s actually pretty effective. Today it took 2 spoonfuls of sugar but, I think they’re gone now!

P.S. Eating a spoonful of dry sugar is pretty gross, however totally worth it.


  1. Justin Thiele

    The hiccups came back today. I tried the spoonful of sugar 3 times with no luck. Then tried drinking a large glass of water, and that seems to be working so far.

  2. Justin Thiele

    1. chugged a big glass of water – no luck2. spoonful of sugar x4 – no luck3. chugged a big glass of water – success

  3. Justin Thiele

    1. Chugged water
    2. Spoon of sugar 4x
    3. Chugged water
    4. Ate bread
    5. Gargled water
    6. Chugged water

    Finally worked.

  4. Justin

    This is from a few days ago:
    1. Chugged water
    2. Ate sugar (3 times)
    3. Chugged water
    4. Ate bread
    5. Puked :(
    6. Chugged water
    7. Ate bread
    8. Gave up for the night
    9. Came back the next day off and on. Came on strong at night. 
    10. They went away the next day. 

  5. Justin

    Got the hiccups at work.

    Tonight I:
    1. Ate sugar 3x
    2. Chugged water 2x
    3. Ate bread 1x
    4. Ate sugar 1x
    5. Chugged water 1x

    So far they are gone, if they come back, I’m hoping to sleep them.

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