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Hunkerin’ is a posture, whereby one squats on the balls of one’s feet for a long time, that is common in different cultures and briefly became an American fad in the late 1950s.

Hunkerin’ (also known as “Hunkering”) had been in use in different cultures, particularly in Asia,[1] for centuries when it suddenly became a fad in the United States in 1959.[2]. Time reported that the craze started at the University of Arkansas when a shortage of chairs at a fraternity house led students to imitate their Ozark forefathers, who hunkered regularly.[3]

Before long, hunkerin’ had spread, firstly to Missouri, Mississippi and Oklahoma, thence across the rest of the country. While males were the predominant hunkers, it was reported that females hunkerers were welcomed.[3] Within months, regional hunkerin’ competitions were being held to discover champion hunkerers.[3]

This entire Wikipedia entry blows my mind. How is this not a joke?

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