1. muyiwaoyeniyi

    I removed my previous comment about having an error. I messed up the syntax.Now it really works like butter. Thanks a lot…many thanks.Taiwo

  2. utku

    I am getting ActiveModel::ForbiddenAttributesError when I did this.
    The error is in this line:
    # Save the pool
    @pool = current_user.pools.create(session[:pool][“pool”])
    To resolve this I tried adding:
    def pool_params
    params.require(:pool).permit(:title, :description, :user_id)

    into pools controller and also application controller but same error just is there all the time :( What could be the reason and solution to this?

  3. utku

    i solved it :)
    the solution was this:
    new_attributes = session[:pool].require(:pool).permit(:title, :description)
    @pool = current_user.pools.create(new_attributes)

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