1. Really great write-up. Learned a lot. We actually just started trending on AngelList earlier today but this filled me in on a lot of details in the process that I wasn’t clear on! Thanks a lot

  2. Aptugo

    Can’t thank you enough for this article! Being a newcomer into this Angel funding stuff, I’m totally lost and reading as much as I can. But your article goes right to the point!

  3. Anthony Alfidi

    Thank you for this terrific information. I am always trying to build my AngelList presence and I will definitely put these tips to work. It would be great to see follow-up articles that add to the knowledge base here. AngelList and other fundraising sites change their formats periodically, so references to new functions will help.

  4. Can Kagitcibasi

    I loved your stuff Justin!! Absolutely good job. And to be honest you inspired me. So thank you.

    One quick question. What about if we had published in our beta and now we are getting ready for the big launch, what effect would that have on our efforts? Do you think we still do have a chance for organic jump or not?


  5. […] View equity crowdfunding as a tool you use in addition to traditional fundraising offline. If you’re planning to fundraise on AngelList, lock up firm commitments from several angel investors offline before you begin publicly fundraising on the platform. Like donation-based crowdfunding campaigns on Kickstarter, you want to seed your fundraising campaign with an initial base of backers on Day One. Those first backers lend needed social credibility to other investors that view your profile – an investor who has never met you wants to know that at least others in the deal have vetted you more in-depth. Moreover, their backing on the first day of your fundraise gives the campaign momentum, which can make your company “trend” on the site, generating greater interest and giving prospective backers a fear of missing out if they don’t act quickly. (Justin Thiele sheds light on how to trend on AngelList here.) […]

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